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    Study day organised by the Arts&Crafts, Aujourd'hui research group

    Wednesday 6th December 2023
  • Exhibitions of studio productions organized by the Bratislava Academy of Fine Arts and Design at RONA Glassworks as part of the Arts and Crafts aujoud'hui program :

    1- SLOVENSKÉ SKLÁRSKE MÚZEUM (RONA GALLERY)- october 27th to november 26th 2023

    2-BRATISLAVA DESIGN WEEK, december 6 till december 10th 2023

    Why Arts and Crafts today? Before the industrial era, craft was a natural part of production, but today the practice of "craft" takes on a different meaning. We believe that it is precisely because of the contrasting relationship craft versus industry that the legacy of the Arts and Crafts movement is still relevant and interesting. It leads us to reflect on our own (and collective) experiences with craft, tradition, technology, form and material. In time of disposable objects, when people easily throw things away, and in time of instant digital images, there is a natural need for tangible and real things. These are the reasons why the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava decided to situate the international meeting of artists within the Arts and Crafts Today project in the centre of the glass industry in Slovakia, where the RONA glass factory is located.

    The current exhibition brings together works by artists from different countries and continents, which were created in October 2023 during two-day workshops in the glass factory in Lednicke Rovne. Courage, as the central theme of BDW, refers here to the time limitation, the performative aspect (communication and collaboration with glass blowers) as well as the experimental nature of the whole project. Each of the works presented suggests a different approach and a different direction. In some there is a more perceptible link to tradition, in others traditional technology is revived by experimental practices, others tend more towards objects teetering on the edge of applied art and concept. If there is one thing that unites these seemingly heterogeneous trends, it is the emphasis on craft, technology and material starting points. We believe that this anchoring in craft, material and specific technology was able to convey new themes to the participating artists, suggest new possibilities and place their work in surprising new contexts.

    Naďa Kančevová (

    Organisational and curatorial support Marcel Benčík, Naďa Kančevová

    The workshop management: Patrik Illo, Kristýna Španihelová, Pavlína Šváchová

    Participating artists:

    • Tina Abenzoar
    • Teresa Almeida
    • Inês Amorim
    • Tetouane Amine Asselman
    • Cyril Bihain
    • Loic Bonche
    • Zoe Brisset
    • Miroslava Bullová (exhibition design)
    • Arthur Carpentier
    • Mario Ferretti
    • Emy Gagnon-Gélinas
    • Elen Gavillet
    • Yagmur Kesmes
    • Zuzana Kováčiková
    • Natalie Lehnertová
    • Alexis Lepage
    • Graciela Machado
    • Adriána Ondrušová (exhibition design)
    • Clara Painchaud
    • Dominic Papillon
    • Tetiana Papushnikova
    • Daniela Ribeiro
    • Pedro Riofrio
    • Catarina Silva
    • Marie-Aurore Sticker-Metral
    • Shirley Thomas

    Project assistant: Martin Ďuriš

    Exhibition design: Adriana Ondrušová, Miroslava Bullová

    Organizational support: Lenka Leváková, Natália Šovčíková

    Schools participating in the project: Vysoká škola výtvarných umení v Bratislave

    École Supérieure d’Art et Design de Saint-Étienne

    Académie royale des Beaux-Arts

    Universidade do Porto

    Université du Québec à Montréal

    Institut National des Beaux-arts de Tétouan
    Affiche, exposition Verre et bijoux